Users of FundaMental™

FundaMental™ is relevant in interventions for children, adolescents and adults. It is a training and assessment material aimed at both professionals and individuals (parents, relatives). Our current users fall into the following groups, which you can read more about by clicking on the link.


Cognitive Trainers & Therapists

As a professional trainer of other people's children (often teacher, educator, occupational therapist-trained)


Special Schools & Institutions

special schools, center classes, special classrooms, residential centers


Psychologists & Learning Consultants

who work with both counselling and testing, e.g. in ppr, private clinic, public rehabilitation


Parents & Private

parents and individuals who have children or other relatives they wish to support (e.g. home educating parents)

A flexible material for a variety of applications

Training of Children & Young People with Learning Problems

The method is designed to train, rehabilitate and prevent cognitive learning and problems

Strengthening Children's General Learning

The method has shown great potential to strengthen thinking, development and learning in ordinary children without identified learning difficulties

Detection of Cognitive Processes and Skills

By observing the hands working with tactile material, processes and aspects of cognition and problem solving become directly observable

Strengthening Cognition-Divergent Interaction

Both the need for training and the impact of the professional guidance become clear, thereby developing the ability to effectively facilitate learning and cognitive development